“How Tough Was jimmy Noonan”

There are tough players, and then there are tough players.

Found this little nugget from Roland James, a 1979 All-America selection, about Jimmy Noonan, the tough-as-nails defensive lineman from Dyersburg (1976-78, captain, 1980).

There were a number of players other players were seemingly scared of, such as Steve Kiner, John Boynton, Dick Huffman and Al Wilson, maybe Doug Atkins. Noonan would fit into that group.

“We played cards, and I remember Jimmy Noonan, this tough little middle guard, would cheat at 21,” said Roland. Everybody knew it, and he knew it, and it was all in fun how he would not turn his cards over and say he had 21. Nobody wanted to mess with Jimmy.”

On or off the field.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017