“A Rough Win”

Did anybody remember that the Tennessee-Oklahoma game in the 1939 Orange Bowl was played on Jan. 2? Termed one of the roughest bowl game ever with more than 200 yards assessed against the two teams, 130 against the Vols.

The Vols won, 17-0. It was their eighth shutout in their 11 games that season.

It was a classic battle of speed against size, with Tennessee’s speed and stamina carrying the day.

Bob Foxx had an 8-yard run for a score, Babe Wood had a 19-run for another score, and Bowden Wyatt kicked a 32-yard field goal. Tennessee held the Sooners to 25 yards on 16 carries.

Tennessee finished 11-0, winning the SEC and finishing No. 2 the AP poll.

Monday, Jan. 2, 2017