“Considerable Bravado”

In October 1969, it took some considerable bravado for Vol fans to charter a small plane and fly it over Legion Field just before kickoff of the Tennessee-Alabama game, with a banner wafting in the breeze reading “This is Big Orange Country.” It had to have caught the attention all 71,000-plus gathered for the contest.

That may be an understatement, given that Tennessee had only won once against Alabama at Legion Field since Bear Bryant returned to the Capstone, and that was two years earlier.

In this context, with the gauntlet thrown down, what happened?

Tennessee scored on a TD pass to Oliver Springs’ wideout Gary Kreis, a 71-yard punt return by Bobby Majors, and a fumbled pitch returned for a score by Jackie Walker.

In fact, the Vols led 21-0 at the quarter, and school was out. That all probably happened before the pilots could land the plane and motor back to Legion Field.

All in all, a great day at Legion Field.

Monday, July 24, 2016