“Knowing It Before It Happens”

Funny thing how some people know what’s going to happen before it happens.

Ed Murphey, a Vol track star and SEC champ in the mile in the 1950s, had a unique recruiting pitch to Vol-to-be Johnnie Jones, out of Munford, Tenn.: “Some day you’re going to score the winning touchdown against Alabama.”

(That was in the days alums and fans could be involved in recruiting.)

Was it recruiting hype or not? What did Ed know?

The year was 1983, Oct. 15. Alabama was ranked no. 11. Tennessee was unranked. The ball was on the Tennessee 34-yard line. The call was “48 option,” with quarterback Alan Cockrell under center.

He was to decide whether the play went left or right. The noise was so loud one lineman went the wrong way, but Cockrell ran the play to the left side, and Jones made it happen, 66 yards to the northeast corner where all the Tennessee fans were. He made it all the way without being touched.

The final was 41-34.

It was a memorable run in a memorable game.

When you think about this game, you might think about a man named Ed Murphey.

Friday, July 18, 2014