“How You Finish”

The football series with Sewanee, which started in 1891, the year the Vols started playing football, was one marked by two significant streaks.

Sewanee, a powerhouse of those early days of college football, won 10 of the first 11, by a total score of 246-24. In the 12th game of the series in 1914, the Vols started a streak of their own, winning 11 in a row, outscoring Sewanee 269-29.

The overall record in the series is Tennessee 12 wins, Sewanee 10, but Tennessee dominated the later games of the series, much as Sewanee did the early games. It did take Tennessee four games to score on Sewanee in the early days of the series, with Sewanee pitching seven shutouts along the way.

In games between 1926 and 1939, Tennessee won all six, giving up but 15 points.

The series may be close in the final results, but Tennessee overcame a considerable deficit to gain the edge in the series.

The Vols played in Sewanee three times, Chattanooga seven times, and the remainder in Knoxville.

For the Vols against Sewanee, it wasn’t really how they started, but how they finished.

Thursday, July 17, 2014