“Saturday Shrines”

We’ve mentioned this before, but it deserves mention again.

If you love cool pictures of collegiate stadiums, pictures taken from all different angles and perspectives, then “Saturday Shrines: College Football’s Most Hallowed Grounds,” published by The Sporting News ©2005 is for you.

There’s a marvelous picture of Neyland Stadium (credit Patrick Murphy-Racey for this one) from the 1997 Texas Tech game on p. 15. Keith Jackson and Tim Brando make specific mention of Tennessee tradition in their foreword and “closing letter, “ respectively.

Of the “101 things that make a Stadium special,” orange and white checkerboard end zones were No. 1, the “Vol Walk” was part of No. 49, “Rocky Top” was No. 57, the “Vol Navy” was No. 68, and the filming of a movie called “The Program” at the 1992 Tennessee-South Carolina game was No. 80.

That was pretty impressive.

One final thing.

If you look closely at the photo on p. 41, you’ll find the aftermath of an event after the 1999 Tennessee-Arkansas game nobody believed could (or did) happen.

Check it out if you’re still uncertain.

Thursday, May 8, 2014