“Making Life Exciting”

Could it be that Dewey Warren turned 69 today? That’s what one source tells us, what with the legendary quarterback being born May 7, 1945.

For those of us who saw Dewey play back in the 1960s, he will always be the swashbuckling No. 16, known to draw plays in the dirt that were nowhere near the playbook and somehow willed the Vols into the end zone, much the way he did in the 1965 UCLA game.

As we all know, Dewey is a real piece of work and a great guy to boot.

He may have looked like a linebacker, but he was really exciting when he had the pigskin in hand, heading goalward.

Happy birthday, Swampie.

And thanks for making life exciting for Vol fans everywhere.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014