“One for the Memory Banks”

Archie Manning’s show last night was one for the memory banks. There really aren’t enough adjectives to do it justice.

Remember well how Peyton conducted himself day after day while at Tennessee.
Also remember how Peyton would entertain visiting sportswriters by recreating Stan Torgerson’s radio play-by-play calls from Archie’s days at Ole Miss, “Manning, the 6-3 Drew redhead, brings ’em to the line…”

Remember the pure poetry of John Ward’s call of the first play of the 1995 Alabama game (“80 yards, Joey Kent, Touchdown… on play Number One“).

Remember the poise and class he showed when the Heisman selection process went the wrong way.

Ah, the stories there are.

Ah, the stories the Vol Historian could have told.

If only given the chance.

Check it out when the “Book of Manning” hits the rerun circuit on the ESPN family.

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013.