“Monday Morning Quarterback”

Found a copy of the “Monday Morning Quarterback” at an antique store on the road to Townsend just outside of Maryville. This came from Andy Kozar’s collection and was dated 1951.

It’s a compilation of the Monday Morning Quarterbacks, a little missive sent out to Tennessee alums after each game that included a copy of Bill Dyer’s DyerGram, a brief story the game at hand, and brief look at the next week’s game.

This is how the whole process unfolded, how the university communicated with its alums during football season back in the 1950s.

“First effort is made by Tom Greene, Jr., an editor in the U-T Public Relations Office. Tom assigns art theme to John Brichetto for the cover drawing. While “Brick” is drawing, Tom is writing copy for the rest of the MMQ. Then, copy and art is pasted up and photographed by Bob Greene who is, like Brick, a U-T student. After the plate is made, D.C. Mannis, the U-T machine operator, turns out the finished copies. They are then folded, and turned over to John Hastings, who addresses each one and turns them over to the post office. Then it’s up to the postman—until you get them the next morning, or so. All of these operations start early Sunday morning—to assure you of getting your ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’ while it is still news.”

Wish it were that easy. Dealing with the Post Office ain’t that easy, even when referencing the DMM.

It probably wasn’t as hard in the early 1950s.

Furthermore, it always looks easier when someone else does it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013