It’s Time For Bernie To Join The Team

There are two kinds of people in the United States at this moment–those who see the danger of a Donald Trump presidency and those who don’t.

I believe those who see the possible catastrophic results of placing a divisive narcissist on the nuclear trigger outnumber those who don’t. But this is no time to take chances. You’ve heard it before, but this time it’s true that the very fate of this nation depends on defeating Trump.

I voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Independent from Vermont, because many of his beliefs mirror my own, knowing that change comes slowly and not overnight.  That his nation could provide healthcare and education for all it’s people has been my lifelong belief.  I believe it because other nations have done it and are doing it, and this country lacks the initiative, not the resources.

Neither education, which is the future of every nation, nor healthcare should be for profit enterprises. A country is not a business, it’s a covenant between the people and those who make the laws. Capitalism works  well when the government is in a position to regulate the greed to a reasonable degree.  Our current government isn’t doing that.

Sanders has fought the good fight and has lost. He raised many important issues that pushed Hillary Clinton to take stands she would have preferred to avoid, perhaps, but she has won the presidential nomination under the same rules as all her opponents.

The time has come for Sanders to acknowledge his defeat, like the honorable man I believe him to be.  The Senator from Vermont had a perfect right to run and in doing so surprised professional pundits with how well he did.

Now it’s time for him to make peace with the Democrats who supported him, even though he was never a member of that party.  I think he’ll do it because he believes as I do that there are two kinds of people in this country at present — those who see the danger of Trump and those who don’t.

It’s time for unity, Senator Sanders, and we are waiting for you to do the right thing.