Not With A Bang But A Whimper

Well, Jade Helm 15 ended today.  No Islamist Jihadists swarmed out of caves carved under selected Walmart stores; the personal forces of Barack Obama did not overthrow Texas in a bid to get a toehold in the United States — using the military forces of which he was already the Commander and Chief — before the operation began.

U.S. military commanders had from the beginning claimed it was just an exercise done on a fairly regular basis, but at one point, according to some estimates, a third of Republican voters and half of all Tea Party voters were convinced that Obama, possibly in league with the United Nations was planning a military coup.

When it didn’t happen as predicted, many who sincerely believed one of the wildest of all conspiracy theories, said it failed only because of the vigilance of faithful Americans.  And who knows?

Perhaps it was prevented only because Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the operation and give him regular updates; or because Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes said that “Jade Helm is in part conditioning and vetting of the military to see who will and will not go along” with a future plot to repress Americans; or even because Sen. Ted Cruz looked into it.

In any case many Texans will sleep better tonight knowing the flag of Texas and Old Glory still fly above them, proclaiming a sovereign Texas, not one run by Jihadists or blue helmeted United Nations troops — where they are free to spread the most ludicrous conspiracy theories ever imagined.