When ideology overrides reason

Grover Norquist who heads up the anti-tax group , Americans for Tax Reform, is the man who persuaded a large number of American legislators — most of whom were otherwise rational — to sign a pledge that they will never, under any circumstances, vote to raise taxes without a tax cut to balance the amount of the increase.

Prior to the November 2012 election, 238 of 242 the U.S. House Republicans and 41 out of 47 U.S. Senate Republicans had signed on with Norquist’s pledge. Numerous Republicans in state legislatures also signed the pledge. Yes — including a former friend of whom I once thought highly — swore an oath to not do something in the future, regardless of changing circumstances.

The best analogy I have been able to come up with is this: Suppose I make a pledge to never pay more for groceries than I do right now. The need for nourishment will never go down, but I would be required to cut things from my grocery list that are not essential in order to keep my pledge. The price of food will continue to rise but I can only keep my word by purchasing fewer groceries. Eventually I will have to break my pledge or starve my family.

Yes, the analogy is good — taxes are what we use to fund all government actions. When I refuse to pay more money, I get fewer groceries, and the pantry goes bare. Eventually, the government will no longer be able to feed the economy without taxes and poor people suffer. In fact, Norquist, who was never elected to run any government, has already caused unbelievable suffering.

Wannabe U.S. President, Gov, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, has been and remains a staunch disciple of Norquist, even as the economy of his state crumbles. Members of the Louisiana legislature, having failed to shake Jindal’s faith in a losing system, sent a letter directly to the Pope of Taxless Government, asking that they be given a little wiggle room because of Jindal’s fervent belief in Norquist’s system — but were told to stay the course, whatever the consequences.

Jarvis DeBerry a columnist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, who has deemed Nordquist “Louisiana’s unelected governor,” also had this to say: “In Jindal’s administration, the buck stops with Norquist. I’d be embarrassed, me, if I called myself the governor, and I had to check with somebody else regarding my state’s fiscal policy. It’s an abdication of power It’s an abdication of power and of respect. “

Ideology will get you every time when it is allowed to override logical thinking.