Jade Helm, the Latest News

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), last Friday went public to elaborate on his decision to have the Texas State Guard monitor a planned Special Forces U.S. military training exercise in Texas and several other states called Jade Helm 15 or maybe just plain Jade Helm, in the Lone Star state.

It seems that the Abbott knew all along that there would not be a military invasion of Texas with troops, from the United Nations, U.S. Military Special Forces and maybe even ISIS or ISIL troops standing by to take custody of Texas – after swarming like termites at a chosen time from tunnels built beneath selected Wal-Marts.

Abbott says he was misunderstood by dozens of journalists, bloggers, and members of the electronic media – not to mention thousands of Texans — because he was quoted correctly when he said he would have the Texas State Guard, an unarmed sort of militia charged with defending Texas in case the United States military, the Texas National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard fail to fend off aggressors.

It was an honest mistake, correctly quoting Abbott’s statement – one which this writer will not soon repeat.

So why did Abbott mislead us by clearly stating what he would do? It seems that he was trying to “calm” residents whose distrust of President Barack Obama had fueled conspiracy theories about Jade Helm.

Now it’s crystal clear, right? If Texans are worried about an invasion and possibly even a military coup, the best way to calm their fears is to order the Texas Guard to monitor a military operation believed to be the instrument of an alleged Muslim President, possibly preparing to declare a military dictatorship.

Even better, get a U.S. Senator from Texas named Ted Cruz and a member of the U.S. House from Texas named Louie Gohmert – also known as “Goofy Gohmert” in some circles — to lend even more credence to a simmering conspiracy by launching investigations into Jade Helm and just watch all those conspiracy buffs calm down completely.

It just goes to show that quoting a politician can lead to confusion – especially a Texas politician. Follow this link for further misinformation