Who will watch the watchers?

Who is watching, other than Alex Jones who has a radio talk show and web site called Infowars.com, Jade Helm 15” or just plain Jade Helm, a military war game featuring Special Forces that is set to cover parts of several states and scheduled to run from July 15 to September 15?

For one, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott is listening as things unfold and has ordered the Texas State Guard — one of three branches of the Texas Military Forces, along with the Texas Army National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard — to monitor Jade Helm to make certain that Texas patriots are not arrested and locked in concentration camps as a precursor to martial law, starting in the great state of Texas.

The Texas State Guard consists of six Civil Affairs Regiments, two Air Wings, a Medical Brigade and a Maritime Regiment a backup of sorts for the National Guard and Air National Guard, but not part of the armed forces. Rank is given on the basis of prior military service. Those without prior military service must attend a Basic Orientation Training (BOT) course. This is the group that will be protecting the Lone Star State from the Special Forces units taking part in Jade Helm.

While most of the country was busy with every day affairs, Jones and his followers were preparing to fight the coming invasion of Texas by special forces, United Nations troops — and some have even suggested that Texas may be given to ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) or ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), whichever term you prefer – as a reward for their part in the expected martial law. For those who follow Jones, with a Muslim president already in the White House, there was no other possible explanation.

News that several Texas Wal-Marts were closing down, at least temporarily, caused the conspiracy theorists, by now alerted in places far from Texas, mostly by way of social media, jumped to the only logical conclusion – that there were huge man-made caverns under selected Wal-Marts where the troops would be staging and preparing for the take over of Texas.

Along with the other watchers, I’ll be monitoring the situation. Further information can be found at Infowars.com