Vols barely kept streak alive in Columbia

Tennessee has the fourth-longest streak in FBS of avoiding being shut out. That streak nearly died two years ago when the Vols made their first trip to Missouri. Here’s the lowdown on the streak.

The Vols were last shut out on Sept. 17, 1994, 31-0, by No. 1 Florida in Neyland Stadium. Since then they have scored in 270 consecutive games.
Here’s where that number stands:
1. Florida 341 games
2. TCU 288 games
3. Air Force 279 games
4. Tennessee 270 games.

Since that shutout in 1994, there have been six games in which the Vols were saved by a lonely field goal. All six opponents were ranked at the time.

2014: No. 3 Ole Miss 34, Tennessee 3–Aaron Medley‘s 27-yard field goal in the second quarter.
2013: No. 10 Missouri 31, Tennessee 3–Michael Palardy‘s 51-yard field goal in the second quarter. It’s the longest by far of any of the six field goals in this shutout-preventing category.
2011: No. 14 South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3–Michael Palardy, from 22 yards on Tennessee’s opening drive.
2005: No. 5 Alabama 6, Tennessee 3–James Wilhoit from 32 yards. With 11:52 to play, this was the deepest into a game the Vols went without scoring. Later, Cory Anderson fumbled into the end zone on what would have been a game-winning touchdown.
2002: No. 20 Maryland 30, Tennessee 3–Alex Walls from 38 yards in the second quarter. An abysmal night in the Peach Bowl.
2002: No. 1 Miami 22, Tennessee–Alex Walls from 21 yards. This after Cedric Houston was caught from behind at the Miami 4 on a 74-yard run on UT’s first possession.