And the winner was …

Due to vacation and another distraction or two I’m about a month late with my annual blog listing the winner of every NCAA-sponsored sport in the 2014-15 school year.

It was a rather modest year for the SEC with (only) five titles: two by Florida, one each from LSU, Arkansas and Vanderbilt.

Ohio State, Virginia and Oregon took honors with three titles each.

Without further commentary, here were your winners:

Football FBS: Ohio State
Football FCS: North Dakota State.
Men’s basketball: Duke.
Women’s basketball: Connecticut.
Baseball: Virginia.
Softball: Florida.
Men’s cross country: Colorado
Women’s cross country: Michigan State.
Men’s soccer: Virginia.
Women’s soccer: Florida State.
Bowling: Nebraska.
Fencing: Columbia.
Field hockey: Connecticut.
Men’s golf: LSU.
Women’s golf: Stanford.
Men’s gymnastics: Oklahoma.
Women’s gymnastics: Florida.
Men’s ice hockey: Providence.
Women’s ice hockey: Minnesota.
Men’s lacrosse: Denver.
Women’s lacrosse: Maryland.
Rifle: West Virginia.
Rowing: Ohio State.
Skiing: Colorado.
Men’s swim/dive: Texas.
Women’s swim/dive: California.
Men’s tennis: Virginia.
Women’s tennis: Vanderbilt.
Men’s indoor track: Oregon.
Women’s indoor track: Arkansas.
Men’s outdoor track: Oregon.
Women’s outdoor track: Oregon.
Men’s volleyball: Loyola of Chicago.
Women’s volleyball: Penn State.
Men’s water polo: UCLA.
Women’s water polo: Stanford.
Wrestling: Ohio State.