There’s winning on the road and then there’s Rupp

Any basketball coach will tell you winning on the road is never easy. But it’s harder some places than others. Nowhere is it harder than Rupp Arena. Not for Tennessee, any way, but I suspect that’s true for any program that visits there on a regular basis.

Here’s a look at Tennessee’s history in the current venue of all 13 SEC opponents, based on a comprehensive study by my crack research team. The records reflect games in which the Vols played the home team, not SEC tournament games (in Lexington, Nashville and Baton Rouge) against other teams.

Alabama’s Coleman Coliseum (opened 1968-69): 9-26.
Auburn’s Auburn Arena (opened 2010-11): 2-0.
Arkansas’ Bud Walton Arena (opened 1993-94): 3-7.
Florida’s O’Connell Center (opened 1980-81): 12-20.
Georgia’s Stegeman Coliseum (opened 1964-65): 23-26.
Kentucky’s Rupp Arena (opened 1976-77): 4-34.
LSU’s Maravich Assembly Center (opened 1972): 15-16.
Ole Miss’s Tad Smith Coliseum (opened 1966): 17-19.
Mississippi State’s Humphrey Coliseum (opened 1975-76): 13-14.
Missouri’s Mizzou Arena (opened 2004-05): 0-0.
South Carolina’s Colonial Center (opened 2012): 7-5.
Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym (opened 1952-53): 23-38.
Texas A&M’s Reed Arena (opened 1998-88): 1-1.

Here’s a look at how all SEC teams have fared in Rupp Arena:
Alabama: 5-22.
Auburn: 2-25.
Arkansas: 2-10.
Georgia: 4-31.
Florida: 6-31.
LSU: 5-23.
Ole Miss: 1-26.
Missouri: 0-3.
Mississippi State: 2-25.
South Carolina: 2-22.
Tennessee: 4-34.
Vanderbilt: 2-34.
Texas A&M: 1-3.