New version released of News Sentinel E-Edition

Welcome screen on the iPad for the new version of the E-Edition.

Welcome screen on the iPad for the new version of the E-Edition.

There is new look to our E-Edition, the “print replica” edition of The News Sentinel.

The main reason for the change is to move to a “responsive web design” so that no matter the platform or the device, subscribers will have a user experience that is designed especially for that environment, according to our vendor, Tecnavia.

Desktop and mobile browser users will noticed the screen interfaces have changed so that when a subscriber logs in from any of their devices, the user experience is the same.

The top navigation bar on the desktop version has been moved to the right and here are the location changes on the main navigation tools:

– The help icon on the new navigation bar displays the general information related to the new icons in the navigation bar.

– The drop down menus that currently contain past editions, listings of pages and index of sections have all been replaced with icons on the new righthand side navigation bar, e.g. pages list can be found under the pages icon and the index under the index icon and all past editions, including the extended one year archive and the historical editions are now nice and neatly placed under the calendar icon, labeled “Options” menu.

– All actions related to managing their account (reseting password, logout) are also under the calendar icon under the “Account” tab

– The eNotify feature has also been moved from the top to the lower righthand tool bar.

– The tools to increase or decrease text size,  print, translate, read aloud, and others are all in the same location as before and shown when in article view.

Post a message if you have a question and we’ll try to get it answered.