Visuals Editor Jigsha Desai: A star in our midst

25 Under 35Knoxville News Sentinel Visuals Editor Jigsha Desai is featured in the April issue of trade magazine Editor and Publisher as one of the “25 under 35, The Next Generation of Publishing Leaders.”

Deena Higgs Nenad of Editor and Publisher introduced the group by saying:

They are young enough to have giant Homer Simpson cardboard cutouts in their cubicles, energetic enough to work long hours without Red Bull, and savvy enough to start not one but three newspapers in the midst of a historic downturn.

Theirs is a different journalism than their older counterparts. They find it hard to believe that before Google people actually had to make calls or go to the library for information, or that media kits were hardbound and sent by snail mail. Although they’ve practically grown up with the Internet and a cell phone at their fingertips, they’re smart enough to know that if they don’t understand a new piece of technology, they can always ask someone five years younger than them to figure it out. Change is something so familiar, they simply roll with it.