@knoxnews has been on Twitter for 7 years

It was an inauspicious start with the following first Tweet on March 12, 2007.

First Tweet from the @knoxnews account.  March 12, 2007.

First Tweet from the @knoxnews account. March 12, 2007.

But we were early to the Twitter party.

Twitter had just been founded on March 6, 2006 (the year before), but didn’t burst on the scene until about this time in 2007 at the South by Southwest conference in Austin.

“The Twitter people cleverly placed two 60-inch plasma screens in the conference hallways, exclusively streaming Twitter messages,” remarked Newsweek’s Steven Levy. “Hundreds of conference-goers kept tabs on each other via constant twitters. Panelists and speakers mentioned the service, and the bloggers in attendance touted it.”


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Knoxnews Kindle Fire tablet app updated

If you have an Amazon Kindle Fire talbet, you might want to get our latest app for the tablet. An upgrade went into the Kindle store earlier this week.

Updated features include:

  •   An alert bar to highlight breaking news at the top of the app
  •   New offline mode allows you to download content and read it later when you don’t have a connection
  •   New tools in the Settings menu to help our subscribers with login and password issues
  •   Updated menu icon

You can download it here.

Win you some tickets

We have four contests going on right now and a fifth starts Monday.

If you haven’t entered, you can enter any of these on our Facebook pages.

News Sentinel Open Weekly Passes. We giving away 20 pairs of these so your odds of winning are pretty good! The passes are good August 15-18.

The Band Perry at Smokies Park. The show is August 29.

Loverboy. Two winners will get two tickets to the concert on September 6 and two tickets to get in the Tennessee Valley Fair.

Corey Smith at the Tennessee Theatre. This upcoming Country artist has a show at the Tennessee Theatre on August 24. We’re giving away a pair of tickets.

Upcoming: Starting Monday, you can enter to win tickets to the Charlie Daniels Band show at the Tennessee Valley Fair on September 10. We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to the concert and for Fair admission.



Track hurricanes like Isaac with our Storm Shield app

Are you a hurricane watcher?

One benefit of Storm Shield, our new “Weather Radio” iPhone app is that users of can track the paths of hurricanes and tropical storms.

In Storm Shield’s interactive map, users can switch between weather overlays to see severe alerts on the map or track hurricane and tropical storm paths.

If you already have Storm Shield, tap on “iMap Radar”, then tap the “Severe Weather Overlays” button at the bottom of the map (see attached screengrab) and scroll down to (and tap) the “Hurricane Tracks” option.


Weather Radio app launched

Storm Shield Weather Radio App
The Knoxville News Sentinel’s parent company, E.W. Scripps, has launched a NOAA Emergency Weather Radio for the iPhone.

It works, well, much like a weather radio, but is less expensive ($4.99) and easy to customize. Through the app, you will receive critical alerts via voice and push notification on major weather events.

Even when it’s not open, the app will “wake up” your iPhone with alerts wherever you are.

The weather radio app, available now only for the iPhone, but which will be available later this summer for Android devices, has these features::

Precise Alerts: Storm Shield provides more accurate alerts than many alerting services. Most services will alert you to severe weather if you are in a county only partially covered by a watch or warning, even if you are not actually directly within the watch/warning. Storm Shield alerts you only if the phone device or saved locations fall inside a watch/warning box. You can preselect and customize any or all of dozens of possible official National Weather Service watch or warning types.

Follow Me: The app will alert you if you are in an area when a relevant watch or warning is issued, no matter where you are in the United States.

Friends and Family: You can save up to five locations in addition to your current position. This will help you alert your friends and family in other locations of weather hazards.

Battery Management: You can control how much accuracy you want the application to use for your location, which will affect battery life. Use iOS Location Services for maximum location accuracy with background tracking. Disable background tracking to conserve battery life and use GPS only when the app is open.

Audio: Storm Shield provides audio alerts beeps followed by a brief description of the alert type. The audio could wake you in the middle of the night, or give you information you need when you can’t stop to look at the phone.

You can also listen to the alerts and forecasts for your area at any time.

Get more info or download the app by going the app’s website.

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