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10 Best Value Cities for 2011

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What's top value in a place to live? Our Best Cities list this year focuses on metro areas with vibrant economies, reasonable living costs, and great amenities.

A mix of midwest and southern cities, our 2011 lineup has several common themes: 1) partnerships that have been vital to nurturing business environments that attract employers and high-paying jobs, 2) low housing costs, and 3) quality of life.

To identify the winners, Kiplinger's teamed up with Kevin Stolarick, research director at the Martin Prosperity Institute, a think tank that studies economic prosperity. The cost-of-living index is based on the national average of 100. Cities with a score below 100 have a lower cost-of-living. Then our staff reporters visited each of the top ten cities to help determine the final rankings.

Check out our picks, and share your thoughts in our reader comment box below.

10 Best Value Cities for 2011

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