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Fairview Technology Center
11020 Solway School Rd
Knoxville, TN  37931

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17 Market Square, #201
Knoxville, Tennessee  37902

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Todd Napier
President and CEO

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Fairview Technology Center
Fairview Technology Center
Easy access with plenty of parking
Fairview Technology Center
Fairview Technology Center
Rural setting within minutes of Pellissippi Parkway
Fairview Technology Center
Fairview Technology Center
Offices available in a variety of sizes and types at very attractive rates
Fairview Technology Center
Fairview Technology Center
Opportunities to collaborate with other startup companies

Fairview Technology Center:

Not all businesses are ready to purchase property or lease space in one of TDC's business parks. However, some of these business ideas, given the appropriate type of support, can grow to have a significant impact on the Knox County economy. That is where the Fairview Technology Center comes in. Our strategy is simple - provide a nurturing environment for small, start-up, technology based firms for a limited time so that they can move into market-rate office/manufacturing space as quickly as possible, with as many high paying jobs as possible.

What is the Fairview Technology Center?

Fairview Technology Center’s mission is to support the creation and sucess of growth-based businesses by providing an affordable work environment maximizing their limited start-up capital. By offering quality office and laboratory space, Fairview makes it possible to focus limited capital on research and development and future production of services and goods. Thus, it provides assistance to companies when they need it – in their formative years.

Fairview’s goal is to enable young companies to move into private, market-rate space when they are financially capable. Companies entering Fairview should leave as stronger and more mature companies, going on to succeed and create wealth in our community. While most companies entering Fairview have extensive expertise in their core products or services, there is often a disconnect or just a lack of experience in general business skills. In an effort to provide tenant companies with access to people and organizations that can provide these general business skills and experience, entering companies will be provided with two direct forms of business assistance:

  • TDC has contracted with Tech2020 to manage the Fairview Technology Center incubator program. Under this management contract, Tech2020 provides individualized business development services and business training courses to Fairview companies.
  • In addition to the expertise and business counseling services provided by Tech2020, tenant companies also benefit from the expertise of the center’s Advisory Board. Board members are available to advise tenants and evaluate prospective companies considering locating at the Fairview Technology Center.

Tenant Selection and Eligibility

All interested tenants shall complete an application in order to be considered for tenancy in the building. Applications will be reviewed by the Fairview Advisory Board. The Board will also review a business plan submitted by all applicants. The Board will carefully review an applicant’s location at the time of consideration as well as the number of persons they employ in order to determine if the company meets the objectives of the Fairview Technology. An applicant’s eligibility and priority status will be decided upon by the Board. A recommendation will then be made to TDC’s Executive Vice President for approval. If space is available in the building and the Board and TDC’s Executive Vice President approve the application, the space will be offered to eligible tenants on a combination priority and first-come, first-served basis.

The determination of a firm’s qualification and priority is the responsibility of the Board. Priority status is as follows:

  • Priority 1 status will be given to firms involved in the creation or production of technologically oriented products or services.
  • Priority 2 status will be given to companies demonstrating a potential for rapid growth.
  • Priority 3 status will be given to companies that can demonstrate a commercial potential.

The following types of businesses ARE NOT eligible to be considered for space at Fairview Technology Center:

  • Industrial warehousing or company principally involved in warehousing and distribution.
  • Branch offices or subsidiaries of major established companies that can afford to locate in privately owned space.
  • Professional offices unrelated to the operation and needs of the tenants in the facility, such as doctors, dentists, etc.
  • Industrial or commercial wholesaling.
  • Established industry presently occupying market rate space that merely wishes to reduce overhead by moving into less expensive incubator space.
  • Firms handling hazardous waste materials, unless it can be conclusively determined that such waste materials can be disposed of without posing a hazard.

For more information

To learn more about Fairview Technology Center contact Todd Napier, President and CEO of The Development Corporation of Knox County, at (865) 546-5887, or Shawn Carson, Tech 2020’s Center for Entrepreneurial Growth, at (865) 220-1711.

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