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1/05/2011 @ 12:10PM |33,126 views

Donald Trump For President 2012? A Conversation With The Donald.

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Rumors have been circling the Web buzzing that real estate billionaire Donald Trump will run for U.S. President on the Republican ticket in 2012. I spoke with The Apprentice star this morning to find out what he’d do as the United States’ 45th President.

Following is an excerpt from my conversation with Donald Trump.

Will you confirm whether you’re definitely running for President in 2012?

The polls are very strong. I am seriously thinking about it. I hate what’s happened to the country. I hate what’s going on in respect to how other parts of the world are taking advantage of this country, whether it’s OPEC or China or many others, and I am seriously thinking about it.

When will you announce your decision?

The Celebrity Apprentice goes on March 6. You can’t make a decision until that’s off, otherwise other people will have to be given two hours of prime time television. Season 11 ends in June. Right around that time would be the time when I’d be thinking about making an announcement and making a decision. And maybe even using the season finale as a forum.

Say you decide to run, and you win. What’s the first thing you’ll do as President?

The first thing I’d do is have a nice heart-to-heart talk with OPEC because the economy can never be strong if oil prices continue to go up. All these characters that are talking about projecting for the economy are wasting their time because every time the economy gets good they raise the oil prices. And mark my words: the economy can never be strong if OPEC is allowed to drain the blood out of us. So the first thing I’d do is have a heart-to-heart talk with OPEC — and it would not be a nice conversation.

The second thing I’d do is have a nice heart-to-heart talk with China. I would tax Chinese products in a nanosecond. And they will come to the table in less than a nanosecond.

You always tell me how well The Apprentice is doing. How would you feel about giving it up and stepping back from show business?

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  • User_aab User_aab 3 years ago

    The don running for President.That will be great.He will definately get my vote.

  • reneemargaret reneemargaret 3 years ago

    If you believe that Donald Trump had no intentions of evicting 86 year old Molly Forbes or the other residents of Menie Estate in the North East of Scotland for his dream golf course – Read this minute from Aberdeenshire County Council on 4th March 2009:

    He is not to be trusted! If you vote for him for US president then you deserve what you get. As for us in Scotland – You can keep him!!

  • ging1978 ging1978 3 years ago

    Palin vs. Trump will be the most wonderful spectacle of 2012!

  • ventureguru ventureguru 3 years ago

    His ego is bigger than his brain. IMHO. It’ll be a joke. But hey, if he wants to piss away millions of $, go ahead. AT least the money will stimulate the economy.

  • feternod feternod 3 years ago

    I think it would be the best thing that could happen to this country. We need a business man leading us – you don’t see attorneys leading the big countries. I agree with DT – they are taking advantage of us and we need our #1 place back, our confidence and reputation back. DT can do it. I like Obama, but we can hire an attorney. For decision making, we need a true, successful, proven business man. Go DT!

  • oilnuts oilnuts 3 years ago

    Love to see Trump run for PRESIDENT When his ARM heals from patting himself on the back!

  • jpkeating jpkeating 3 years ago

    Thank God! Donald…..we need you!!! Sara Palin is a nice, good woman but totally unelectable. Fiscally this country is in deep yogurt and we need someone to lead the way out of this unsustainable debt crisis we’re in. Donald–if you’re reading this i will quit my job as a venture capitalist and help run your campaign!

  • I will vote for Trump! Hope Steve Forbes is his economic advisor.

  • kevinnixon kevinnixon 3 years ago

    That’s a great strategy, Donald: have a talk with OPEC. It should go down like this:

    Donald: You guys have to lower oil prices.
    OPEC: No.
    Donald: Well, if you don’t, we’ll stop buying oil.
    OPEC: Fine.
    Donald: Well, I tried.
    OPEC: The price went up $10 while we were talking.

  • cminj cminj 3 years ago

    Obama is jumping for joy and clicking his heels. Now only if there was some way to convince Rush Limbaugh, Christine O’Donnell, Steve Forbes and Jesse Ventura that the times demand they also step forward. Obama will walk home in a stroll.

  • Approbating reciprocal altruism and irrespective of party affiliation it shall definitely be a pleasantly surprising and welcoming news to see a real estate tycoon like Donald Trump landing in a globally turbulant political jargons with preternatural resources, voracious business diction, and inexplicable finesse to innocuously harnessing tumultuous economic triggers to rejuvenate moribund economies worldwide, anew US robust economy and uphold chivalrous democratic image of United States of America as the WORLD LEADER

    So long there is Life ther is Hope, so long there is Hope there is Donald Trump, and, so long there is Donald Trump there is definitely a way

    With Donald Trump’s vision we can smell nationalistic egalitarian prosperities

    Hopefully USA shall see a rising NEW SUN in June 2011 – Donald Trump may choose June 17, 2011

  • rohitwins rohitwins 3 years ago

    Im from India, and I think America should have someone exactly like Donald Trump as its President. Sure , Mr. Trump is right. the world does not have respect for america, and from Childhood I grew up watching the CNN and the Discovery Channel and I am not liking what is happening to America and I think it deserves the Respect of the Whole planet for the great things its done.
    I think Mr. Trump as President would ensure that America is on the No.1 Position like it used to be before. If I was an American, my Vote would undoubtedly go to Donald Trump. There is no other person as Capable. trust me. No other!!

  • drakoven drakoven 2 years ago

    Even people from other countries agree wow. Thanks!