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Holiday optimism brought to you by FedEx, Delta

Wondering how the economy will fare in the coming holiday shopping season? According to a
Crafts+Cookie+Container(3).jpgBloomberg report, major transportation and retail executives are upbeat about the holidays.

 FedEx and Delta say increased shipments to U.S. retailers indicate “a brighter holiday sales season for retailers.”

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Small biz loans smart move by Wal-Mart

Even though I’ve never been a huge Wal-Mart fan, have to give the company credit for offering small businesses loans of up to $25,000 through its Sam’sClub division.

It will be interesting to see how many loans the company actually makes and what the details are.

Regardless, it’s a pretty savvy move. Undoubtedly, it will bring Sam’s Club new member and any new source of funding is good news for small businesses.

I would be interested in hearing from businesses that apply for Sam’s Club loans.

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