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Value added tax, abolish Congress, more stimulus and other ideas

Here’s an interesting take on what the government really should do to fix the economy. The writer
ETP02.SY.jpgsuggests a little bit of everything.

Can’t say I agree with all of the writer’s ideas, but some — value added tax, infrastructure investment, new stimulus for housing, controlling entitlement costs — make a lot of sense.

U.S. News & World Report: What Bernanke Wants Congress To Do

Got change for $100,000?

Talk about stimulus. Give me a sheet of $100,000 bills and I could help the economy.

Admit it, it would be fun to carry a couple of Wilsons in your wallet. Wonder if they boys at the bank could make change?

The big bills are on display at the World’s Fair of Money held this week in Boston.

If you want to check out the largest denomination of money every printed by the government and other cool money, better hurry. The expo ends Saturday.

Here’s a story on the show Boston television station WBZ.

Photo: AssociatedPress/Steven Senne

United States Treasury Department Bureau of Engraving and Printing manager Kevin Brown displays a sheet of $100,000 gold certificate bills at a Treasury Department display at the World’s Fair of Money in Boston. The bills, introduced in 1934, are the largest denomination ever issued by the federal government. Not meant for public use, the notes were used for federal bank transfers.

More stimulus needed now

Here’s a little summer reading for all my ultra conservative friends unwilling to support another round of stimulus spending even if it means the recovery oozes to a halt, more people lose jobs and the universe implodes.

The recovery is fragile and now is not the time to cut off the money. Consumers and businesses — especially small businesses — need help now.

Paul Krugman: Lincoln, McClellan, And Stimulus

Michael Kinsley: Is the Deficit No Big Deal?

Derek Thompson: ‘Nothing Would Spook the Markets More Than For Paul Krugman’s Advice to Be Accepted’

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