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Solving problems through spam

The freewheeling Internet delivers a lot of annoying — and occassionally interesting– spam every day. Rant$ and Rave$ got a fun one early this morning from “high Priest Dias.”

Dias claims “over 30 years experience in the Black Magic Spells, witchcraft and love spells” and promises to solve any problems.

I don’t need a love spell — Cheryl and I are blissfully married. But casting a darker spell or two would come in handy. I’m thinking a spell that would make politicians and basketball coaches tell the truth would be interesting.

Dias assures me he doesn’t make “false promises” and he guarantees “an honest, powerful and fast help!”

What do you think? Can he deliver?

Tennessee top target for spammers

Tennessee is among the national leaders when it comes to the most spammed states, according to Symantec’s annual look at spamming in U.S. states and territories.

Tennessee ranks No. 5 with a spam rate of 92.1 percent, according to Symantec’s MessageLabs Intelligence Special Report. That means more than 9 of every 10 e-mails sent to Tennessee are spam.

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