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Regal Entertainment wants to give you a drone


Drones have been in the news recently and now you have a chance to win your very own unmanned aerial vehicle.
If you are a Regal Crown Club member, that is.
Knoxville-based movie theater operator Regal Entertainment Group announced that it will give away a drone to a lucky Crown Club member who buys a ticket for the new movie “RoboCop.”
The winner will be chosen in a random drawing.
“Just as OmniCorp maintains its role as the center of robot and drone technology in the year 2028 in the film ‘RoboCop,’ Regal wanted to provide its most loyal fans a chance to win an innovative and cutting-edge drone of their very own,” Ken Thewes, chief marketing officer for Regal said in a news release.
Drones made headlines last week Knoxville when an unmanned aerial vehicle was used to inspect the fire-damaged McClung warehouses in downtown Knoxville.
Questions were raised about a possible violation of a federal ban on using drones for commercial purposes.
Personal use of a drone is apparently OK with the feds. Think of the fun you’ll have swooping around the neighborhood, scaring dogs, snapping pictures of …. whatever.
The drone built by Lehman Aviation comes with a camera, batteries, storage/shipping case and a Sony tablet, according to a news release.
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Government regulations that make sense

We hear a lot from businesses and politicians about needless, costly government regulations. I agree that some regulations can make it difficult to do business. But it’s also true that certain regulations are a good for business and good for the public.

Regulations that save lives are good government. Like the U.S. Department of Transportation proposal to require anti-rollover technology on buses and big trucks. Electronic stablity controls could save hundreds of lives a year.

Here’s more from Bloomberg:

U.S. Proposes Anti-Rollover Technology Mandate for Trucks


The good side of government regulation

Government regulations are an easy target for politicians, especially those on the fringe who never let the facts get in the way of a good harangue.

Despite what some pols would have us believe, government regulations can be good for businesses and their customers, says a report from the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen.

The report – Regulation: The Unsung Hero in American Innovation – examines five regulations that resulted in good things for the economy despite being originally attacked by both politicians and industry.

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Small biz losing faith in recovery

Small business owners are growing less confident about the economy, reversing a recent trend of rising optimism, according to a survey released Tuesday.

The National Federation of Independent Business reported that its monthly Index of Small Business Optimism dropped 3.2 points in June, following modest gains in previous months.

Culture_Currency(2).JPGBusiness owners surveyed are most concerned about poor sales (30 percent), taxes (20 percent) and government regulations and red tape (15 percent.)

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