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Analysts expect profit swing from E.W. Scripps

Analysts are looking for media company E.W. Scripps to report a turnaround from a year ago when it releases its third quarter financial statement on Friday.

Scripps, the parent company of the Knoxville News Sentinel and the Memphis Commercial Appeal, is expected to report a profit of about 9 cents per share compared to a loss of 9 cents per share in the third quarter last year.

Revenues are projected to be up about 27 percent to $214 million for the quarter.

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Stocks have no soul and other advice for investors

Calendars are a staple of holiday gift-givers. Several folks on my gift list can count on getting one.

This year I have a new favorite — “Thoughts Are Things for Investors,” a daily desk calendar by David Moon, president of Moon Capital Management, a Knoxville-based investment management firm.

It’s filled with bite-sized bits of advice presented with a sense of humor. A couple of my favorites:

July 14 — “Stocks aren’t ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  They have no soul.”

And Aug. 30 — “In a bull market everyone feels like he’s Warren Buffett. You’re not.”

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Internet sales taxes and Jerry Garcia ties

Here’s my column in Sunday’s News Sentinel and Knoxvillebiz.com. The bottom line of the column is that online retailers no longer should be allowed to get away with not collecting state sales taxes — tax law should be applied equally to all retailers.

It’s no surprise that several readers took issue with my point of view. My favorite reader comment was from rustyvango#1397221: “just another tie wearing money grubber who should be dealt with most harshly for being stupid enough to write this column.GO GET HIM!!!!!”

I appreciate all reader comments, but there is reason to insult my ties. I like my Jerry Garcia collection — they’re beautiful ties.

Bee Bounce comes through again

The Scripps National Spelling Bee has once again provided a boost to E.W. Scripps stock. With the finals of the 2011 Bee scheduled tonight the media company’s stock closed 21 cents higher this afternoon.

Coincidence? Maybe. But it seems that the media company’s stock always gets a bump from the bee. Scripps is the News Sentinel’s parent company.

Speaking of the Spelling Bee, I once covered the finals of the local bee in Louisville, Ky.  Business First, the business journal I worked for in the early ’90s, had picked up sponsorship of the bee after the previous sponsor backed out.

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Column on Reagan tax legacy draws fire and support

News Sentinel readers posted some interesting comments on my Sunday column looking at
RONALD+REAGAN.jpghow President Ronald Reagan raised taxes to solve the budget crisis of the 1980s.

For a change, no one directly questioned my sanity.

I appreciate all of those who shared their opinion, although obviously not everyone agreed with my assertion that it will take both spending cuts and tax increases to solve the current budget crisis.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the column. The comments are definitely worth reading.


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Sparks fly over column on outrageous CEO salaries

Not surprisingly, my column on outrageous executive salaries in Sunday’s News Sentinel drew mixed reaction from readers.

Some questioned my intelligence. Others said my criticism was on target.

I appreciate all the commenters who took the time to share their opinions, even Flyincnp who described my column as the “dumbest, most uninformative, waste of paper & print I’ve ever seen in the Sentinel.”

Wow, the dumbest ever? Surely not.

In case you missed it, click here for the column and decide for yourself.


Column on Amazon sales tax break sparks debate

Readers posted some interesting comments on my Sunday column in the News Sentinel on the national campaign to make Amazon.com collect sales taxes.

Some folks took issue with my position, some didn’t. And some readers went went off on tangets. Nonethess, the discussion was interesting.

Read the column and comments here.

E.W. Scripps prez to ring NYSE closing bell

Tune in online this afternoon and watch my corporate boss ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exhange.

lab8_asb_12681.jpgRich Boehne, president and CEO of E. W. Scripps, parent company of the News Sentinel, is scheduled to ring the bell at 3:59 p.m. to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company trading its stock.

Asking celebrities and corporate execs to ring the opening and closing bells is a relative young NYSE tradition, but it is considered quite an honor in the corporate world. It’s also interesting to see who the company sends to stand with the designated bell ringer.

Cincinnati-based Scripps operates 14 daily and community newspapers and 10 broadcast TV stations.

Here’s a little history on the bell ringing ceremony from Investopedia.

Photo: In this file photo E. W. Scripps President and CEO Rich Boehne speaks during a ceremony to mark the opening of the Scripps Convergence Lab at the University of Tennessee on Friday, Jan. 28, 2010. (News Sentinel/Amy Smotherman Burgess)


Columns on jobs, economy touch a nerve

My column on Sunday touched a nerve with some New Sentinel readers. As did the column by University of Tennessee finance professor Harold Black.

Many of the comments posted online by readers disagree with my assertion that the jobs picture remains tough, but has seen some improvement in recent month.

And many took issue with Dr. Black’s opinion that government spending has done little to truly stimulate the economy.

I enjoy the online discussion when readers share their thoughts. It’s always interesting to see how people can read the same information and reach different conclusions.

Here’s my column and reader comments.

Here’s Dr. Black’s column and comments.