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Host electric vehicle charging station at your business

Knoxville area businesses interested in hosting an electric vehicle charging station can learn
011610nissan.jpg.jpgeverything they need to know on Wednesday, Nov. 17 at a seminar at the Knoxville Chamber, 17 Market Square.

The information session will be held from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

The agenda includes an overview of the electric vehicle program that eventually will place hundreds of charging stations in publicly accessible locations throughout the Knoxville area.

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KUB rates going up

Guest post by News Sentinel business writer Ed Marcum

Whether they turn up the thermostats or turn off the lights, Knoxville Utilities Board customers are going to be paying a few dollars more on their power bills beginning this month.

In June, the KUB Board of Commissioners approved an increase in KUB’s electrical rate margin that would result in a $1.91 increase in each residential customer’s monthly bill, beginning in July.

Conserving electricity won’t help much here, though. The increase is being added to customers’ basic service charge so everyone will be paying the extra $1.91 regardless of how much power is used. KUB did take steps to soften the blow, though. Through cost cutting, it delayed the increase–originally scheduled to go into effect in 2006–and reduced it from about a $3 increase as originally planned.