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Jet shopping? Here’s the place to go

Meltdown Coprate Jets.JPGIf you’re interested in buying a new jet – and who isn’t these days – you should check out The Jet Business website.

Or better yet, visit The Jet Business showroom in London. The one in England. Apparently it’s the place to visit if you have a few million bucks to spare and don’t care about soaring fuel prices. And you might run into some interesting folks.

The showroom is “designed to provide high net worth individuals, government officials, royalty and influential corporate executives with a place to plan their business jet sale or purchase with experts,” says a news release.

Apparently The Jet Business treats clients pretty nice. The company provides “unparalleled expert advice, access to the world’s most extensive aviation information library, consultations on tailor-made interior concepts and a lifetime entitlement to service and aftercare,” according to the website.

Lifetime entitlement — that sounds good.

I don’t hang out with any high net worth individuals, but it’s nice to know they have a place to shop for aircraft.

Here’s the website: The Jet Business

Photo: AP archives

No horsing around allowed on this flight

FedEx will be handling some very special packages for the U.S. Olympic team this summer — horses.Earns+FedEx(2).jpg

That’s right, the 50 or so horses on the U.S. equestrian team will be FedExed to the London Olympic Games.

The 1,000-pound athletes will fly on a jet outfitted with custom-built stalls and will be served specially prepared in-flight beverages and snacks, including apple juice, carrots and Gatorade.

Check out this NPR Morning Edition report from earlier this week. 

Click here for the NPR audio report.

‘You have exceeded the capacity of the landing gear’

“Pull up! Pull up! You’re not going to make it. ….. Uh, you have exceeded the capacity of the landing gear.”

Earns+FedEx(2).jpgThose words crackled over my headphones some years back after I failed to safely land a cargo jet at the Louisville airport.

Fortunately, I was flying a UPS flight simulator and not a real jet. One of the perks of my job is that sometimes I’ve been allowed try fun stuff in pursuit of a story. I was reminded of my flight simulator mishap today when I read that FedEx planned to invest a bunch of money in its flight-training simulator operations in Memphis.

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