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Ben & Jerry’s launches Schweddy Balls ice cream

You can’t make this stuff up. Ice cream maker  Ben & Jerry’s announced today it’s newest flavor — Schweddy Balls — a fudge, rum and vanilla ice cream mix inspired by a classic “Saturday Night Live” skit.8971887022661d14f80e6a7067002d0f.jpg

The TV show featured actor Alec Baldwin playing bakery owner Pete Schweddy.

A Ben & Jerry’s official told the Associated Press the company is just having a little fun and isn’t worried about offending anyone with the name.

Check out the SNL skit here.


Big Orange ice cream connection

Few guarantees exist in the marketing world, but in East Tennessee any product associated with University of Tennessee football is assured of capturing public attention.

 With that in mind, Athens, Tenn.-based Mayfield Dairy recently introduced its annual collegiate ice cream flavor — Big Orange Blast.

That’s right, it’s ice cream time in Tennessee.


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