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The Tenn’s California trip wraps up with learning event

Guest blog by Charlie Brock, CEO of Launch Tennessee.
We’re more than halfway through our California trip with The TENN, and so far, The TENN founders have networked with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and media. They’ve also had a chance to check out some of San Francisco’s co-working spaces and the headquarters of Google.
Thursday The TENN founders had a chance to visit Microsoft and meet with their venture capital arm, Microsoft Ventures. They talked to several Microsoft domain experts, who gave The TENN more information about their various services for entrepreneurs.
Thursday night, we will attend a learning event at Intuit’s headquarters in Mountain View. Intuit has several big-name brands, including QuickBooks, TurboTax and Quicken. The expert for tonight’s learning event is author, educator and entrepreneur Nir Eyal. Nir writes for his personal blog, NirAndFar.com, and is also a contributor to Forbes, TechCrunch and Psychology Today, where he covers the intersection of psychology, technology and business. He has had two successful startups: Sunshine Business Development, which sold in 2007, and AdNectar, which sold in 2011.
During their free time, The TENN founders worked from NestGSV, an accelerator in Redwood City. This was especially exciting because one of the The TENN companies, Nashville-based Gun.io, is working from NestGSV this fall. It was a great opportunity for Gun.io Founder and CEO Teja Yenamandra to show off his digs to the other participants of The TENN.
We’ll be back with one more post about our last day in California before The TENN returns to Tennessee.
Launch Tennessee is a public-private partnership focused on supporting the development of high-growth companies in the state of Tennessee with the ultimate goal of fostering job creation and economic growth.  Brock can be reached at charlie@launchtn.org or @cebrock on Twitter.

The Tenn continues networking in Silicon Valley

Guest blogger Charlie Brock’s latest report from Launch Tennessee’s California tour.

Monday was the first day of a pilgrimage to Silicon Valley by 10 of Tennessee’s most promising startups, i.e., The TENN from Launch Tennessee. It was a great introduction to the center of the technology universe for our startup founders, and today we stepped it up with a tour and meeting at Google – which, once upon a time, was also a startup.
Our teams had an exciting time exploring “the Googleplex” – the official moniker for Google’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters  – and talking with the people behind the world’s most successful search engine.
After the tour, The TENN had a meeting with the Google’s marketing and cloud teams. We were immersed in all things Google including topics such as cloud computing, AdWords and the future of mobile. One important takeaway we all received was a charge to identify interesting problems and find an interesting way to solve them.
Tonight (Tuesday), the teams are going to the NODE+ Forum kickoff party at RocketSpace – an open innovation facility for tech companies in San Francisco. Tonight’s kickoff event celebrates the launch of NODE+ Forum 2013, the world’s first online conversation portal, where anyone can collaborate on developing the future of wireless sensor platforms for smart devices using Google+ Hangouts and xTV.
We’re especially excited about this event because it gives us the chance to introduce The TENN principals to the founders of an exciting Tennessee startup that won Launch Tennessee’s first Southland conference in June. Node is a product of Variable, Inc., a Chattanooga-based startup. Variable, Inc. has already done some amazing things since Southland, and this event is a perfect chance for The TENN to see what is possible for Tennessee startups.
Vendor Registry, one of the Knoxville-based startups in The TENN, was also invited to exhibit at Southland. The TENN is providing more networking opportunities for Vendor Registry and the rest of the founders of The TENN, both in Tennessee and in California.

Charlie Brock is CEO of Launch Tennessee, a public-private partnership focused on supporting the development of high-growth companies in the state of Tennessee with the ultimate goal of fostering job creation and economic growth.
Brock can be reached at charlie@launchtn.org or @cebrock on Twitter.


Scripps Networks loses domain name battle — again


What’s in a name? A lot, if it’s on the Internet, says Scripps Networks Interactive Inc.
For the second time in recent weeks, the Knoxville-based lifestyle media  company has lost an effort to control a top level domain name,
Scripps most recently lost a “legal rights objection” filed against Google for use of the .diy domain name, according to the trade publication Domain Name Wire.
Scripps owns the home improvement cable channel DIY Network and for obvious reasons would like to control the use of .diy on the Web.
However, the panel that rules on domain name disputes determined that DIY is a generic term and “it is in practice impossible to run a business in do-it-yourself products without using the letters DIY in a wholly generic, descriptive way…,” Domain Name Wire reported Monday.
Scripps previously lost a similar objection for use of the .food domain name.
The Food Network is another of Scripps popular cable channels.
The use of domain names is controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and applicants for top level domain names must follow UDRP — the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy.
Click here for more from Domain Name Wire.

Buffett on banks, Europe, Google and more

Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, covered a lot of topics this morning in an interview with CNBC.1e5ec597e241f20c0e0f6a7067003053.jpg

He’s not worried about the global sell-off or Europe’s long-term prospects — it’s a big market and it’s not going away. Apple and Google are too risky for him.

America’s banks are in good shape and the United States did a good job of dealing with the financial crisis in 2008.

Fascinating stuff. Click here for the video.

Photo: In this May 5, 2012, photo, Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway smiles on the exhibit floor where Berkshire products aer showcased, prior to the annual shareholders meeting in Omaha, Neb. (AP photo/ Nati Harnik)

When the banks whine, watch your wallet

Big banks have done lots moaning lately. Every day, it seems, bankers are boo-hooing
PAULSON+MONEY.jpgabout financial regulations cutting into their profits. The bigger the bank the louder the sobs.

To replace lost revenues banks are charging new fees and eliminating services that previously were free. Sometimes the new fees spark a hail-storm of protest and the banks back off. Like last year’s failed debit card fee.

But are the banks really as bad off as they want us to believe?

In a word, no.

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Is Scripps Networks ‘scared’ and ‘clueless’?

Like a number of very successful companies, Knoxville-based Scripps Networks Interactive Inc. is sitting on a big pile of cash. We’re talking several hundred million dollars.

Having a lot of cash can be comforting in an uncertain economy, but is it really a good idea? It used to be “considered bad form, even indicative of poor management” to have too much cash, Daniel Carver writes in a piece for the website Seeking Alpha.

Carver looks at the cash holdings of five companies — Scripps, Google, Tiffany, Analog Devices and Xilinx. His comments about Scripps Networks are less than enthusiastic.

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Too old to Google?

The California Supreme Court will hear arguments next week in an age discrimination suit filed by a former Google manager who was fired in 2004.

The ex-Googler, now 60, says younger Googlers called him an “old fuddy-duddy,” among other things. Google says the worker was fired for performance issues, not his age.

What’s going on? I thought 60 was the new 40.

More about the case here and here.