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See below for this year’s Super Bowl winner

The Super Bowl is two and a half weeks away, but we already know who big winner will be –
super bowl.jpg
broadcaster NBC Universal.

Last year’s Super Bowl had record viewership and brought in $228 million in advertising for Fox.

“It’s likely this year’s audience will be of a comparable size, adding to the cumulative $1.72 billion that advertisers have spent on Super Bowls over the past 10 years,” according to report on MarketWatch.

Many advertisers are being tight with their money these days, but the Super Bowl continues to attract big money.

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Regal tells movie studios ‘not so fast’ with VOD

twilight_atb_12.jpgUPDATE: Statement from Regal CEO Amy Miles added.

Knoxville-based movie theater operator Regal Entertainment Group is hopping mad about a plan by four major studios to bypass theaters and offer consumers premium on-demand service.

In response, Regal has told the studios it will slash the in-theater advertising it provides for upcoming summer movies,  according to a Deadline/ Hollywood report.

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Bank bailout makes money for taxpayers

Bailing out banks is proving to be a money-maker for U.S. taxpayers. Whether or not you agree with the politics of the bailout, there’s no denying the Troubled Asset Relief Program has paid off for the U.S. Treasury.

Stimulus+Checks.jpgMost of the money has been repaid, although a handful of banks have yet to pay us back for keeping them alive.

“Of the $205 billion the Treasury doled out to 707 banks, $137 billion has been repaid. From the 61 banks that have fully repaid, the Treasury has earned a tidy $13 billion profit,” Forbes.com reports.

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UT’s Fox makes All-Decade Team


In the arcane world of tax analysis, Bill Fox, director and professor of economics with the University of Tennessee’s Center for Business and Economic Research, is a big time player.

State Tax Notes Magazine recently named Fox to its All Decade Team.

Fox was typically humble and didn’t have much to say about the honor when we spoke recently. But the magazine left no doubt that UT has a valuable resource.

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