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Milken: Economy not as gloomy as you may think

In contrast to the depressing attitude of many pundits and politicians, a new study by the Milken Institute says there is clear evidence that the economy is doing better than generally believed.

“Despite the formidable obstacles in its path, the U.S. economy remains flexible and resilient — and right now, it has more underlying momentum than is generally acknowledged. Our projections show cause for measured optimism: A return to modest but sustainable growth is close at hand,” says the report “From Recession to Recovery: Analyzing America’s Return to Growth”.

Tha author of the California think tank’s report, Ross C. DeVol, admits his analysis runs counter to “the dark tone of the current debate about where the economy is headed.”


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Economic forecast better than expected

A year into the recovery, the U.S. economy is getting stronger and is poised for better-than-expected growth in the next couple of years.

That’s the updated forecast released earlier this week by the National Association for Business Economics.

The forecast is upbeat in its overall tone, although NABE forecasters remain concerned about the federal deficit and economic troubles in other parts of the world.

If you are anti stimulus and determined to be pessimistic, stop reading. If you’re more open minded here are some highlights from the NABE forecast:

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