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Report: Knoxville ranks high for growth potential


Knoxville’s business recruitment campaign received a boost today with release of Business Facilities magazine’s 2012 met



ro ranking report.

Knoxville was ranked No. 8 among the fastest growing cities and No. 10 for Economic Growth Potential.

Business Facilities is a trade publication that targets site selection consultants and executives looking for the best places to grow their companies.


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Are you worth more dead than alive to your company?

Does your company invest in “dead peasant” life insurance?

Buying life insurance for top executives — key man policies — is standard practice in Big Business. But some companies also purchase life insurance on blue collar workers — sometimes without the workers knowledge.

“Since gaining popularity in the 1980s, companies have been taking out Corporate Owned Life Insurance policies on employees and listing themselves as the beneficiary. Many workers go about their workday with no clue that such policies exist and that their company has placed a bet on their timely (at least from an actuarial standpoint) death,” Joe Mont writes in a piece for The Street, a financial media website.

Talk about creepy. Here’s the full story. Very interesting reading.

The Street: Why Your Company May Want You Dead



Job prospects rising for Tenn. professionals

US_Q4_Projected_Hiring_by_Profession.jbp.jpgUnemployed Tennessee professionals stand a decent chance of landing a new job in the fourth quarter, according to a survey by Robert half International, a specialized staffing firm.

A net 23 percent of executives in Tennessee said they planned to add professional jobs in the last three months of the year, according to RHI’s Professional Employment Report.

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