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Sanders downtown i-house gets new life

I hate it when people play by the rules.

Architect John Sanders is getting another chance to put an i-house in downtown Knoxville, News Sentinel business writer Josh Flory reports on the Property Scope blog.

I still think the ultra moden i-house would look out of place amidst all that old brick on Jackson Avenue, but I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

Good sign for downtown Knoxville

News that the TIF for the Regal Riviera Stadium 8 movie theater on Gay Street was paid off earlier than expected is a bit of welcome news for city government and downtown developers.

Read News Sentinel business writer Josh Flory’s post on the Property Scope blog.

Opening a downtown movie house was a risky move and the project had its share of critics.

Knoxville-based Regal Entertainment Group obviously had questions, which is why the city put together a TIF to help mitigate the risk.

The theater’s success should quiet the critics and encourage developers to push ahead with other downtown projects.

Jackson Avenue comeback — timely and needed

It’s about time. For too long the section of Jackson Avenue between Broadway and Gay Street in downtown Knoxville has been one big eye-sore. — even before the fire a few years ago that gutted the McClung Warehouses.

It’s good to see some downtown developers taking a worthwhile risk in a still iffy economy.

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