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Cool names make a difference in business

Knoxville has a new contender for the coolest business name in town. Red Chair Architects made its debut today with the merger of Cockrill Planning & Design and Community Tectonics, firms with long local histories.

Unique, memorable names can give a company a competitive edge. Way too often businesses stick the founder’s name on the door and leave it there year after year. That might work for a law firm, but it’s boring.

Of course, good service is the bottom line. Cool names are meaningless if the company doesn’t deliver results for its customers.

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Flying — It’s all about customer service

Posted by guest blogger Kevin Slimp, a columnist, speaker and director of the Institute of Newspaper Technology.

Jim Evans is the Vice President of Marketing for the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority. I’ve never met him, but I hope to. He seems like a very nice guy.

Jim has written to me several times about my recent problems getting to Knoxville on Delta airlines. He even went so far as to contact someone with authority at Delta to have them look into these difficulties. Jim is very good at his job. Delta could learn a lot from him.

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