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Inflation — a matter of time

The Curious Capitalist asks an interesting question: Is Inflation Coming Back?


Pain was widespread during the Great Recession, but the one bright spot experts and pundits always talked about was the absence of runaway inflation.

A few months ago in my News Sentinel column on the up-and-down recovery, University of Tennessee economist William Fox asid that until consumer demand perks up inflation would be minimal.

“(Inflation) might eventually be a problem, but you have to think of it in phases and over the next year or two it’s not going to be a problem,” Fox said.

Let’s hope that’s the still the tiemtable. The economy — and my bank account — could use a little more cushion before inflation becomes an problem. And you know that eventually it will.

Jobs and luxury stocks

Roundup from the Rant$ and Raves$ blog roll

It’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs.

The Curious Capitalist plugs Time magazine’s cover story that explains what works when it comes to job creation.

Check it out here.

Luxury stocks will boom.

That’s what it says on Barron’s Stocks To Watch Today.

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