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Government regulations that make sense

We hear a lot from businesses and politicians about needless, costly government regulations. I agree that some regulations can make it difficult to do business. But it’s also true that certain regulations are a good for business and good for the public.

Regulations that save lives are good government. Like the U.S. Department of Transportation proposal to require anti-rollover technology on buses and big trucks. Electronic stablity controls could save hundreds of lives a year.

Here’s more from Bloomberg:

U.S. Proposes Anti-Rollover Technology Mandate for Trucks


Amazon sales tax delay leaves millions on the table

A two-year delay in requiring Amazon to collect Tennessee sales taxes could move a step PAULSON+MONEY.jpgcloser to reality Tuesday with votes scheduled by state House and Senate committees.

Gov. Bill Haslam is pushing for the delay and supports a federal solution to the sales tax issue. Waiting two years to make Amazon collect taxes on sales to Tennessee residents is a whole lot better than never making the online retailer collect state taxes, which was the original deal brokered by his predecessor, Haslam says .

Maybe so, but waiting till 2014 still leaves a lot of money on the table – something like $22 million a year in state sales taxes and $9 million a year in local sales taxes.

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Is Gay Street Campfield’s next target?

If state Sen. Stacey Campfield’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill becomes law, what’s next — a “Don’t
040611gaystreet_atb_01.jpgSay Gay Street” bill?

Think of the carnage. If Knoxville is forced to change the name of its most important downtown street, thousands of businesses would have to update their stationery. Taxpayers would foot the bill for new street signs. Gay Street executives would waste countless hours updating their email signatures when they could be creating jobs.

Oh, the humanity!

Who knew that Campfield was anti-business. I always suspected it, but I didn’t realize just how far he would go to kill jobs.

More on the issue:

No Silence Here:  Stacey Campfield sure has kids talking about being gay

Photo: Gay Street is seen Tuesday, April 5, 2011. The Bijou Theatre/ Lamar House Hotel is at left. (Knoxville News Sentinel/ Adam Brimer)

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Knoxville competing for billion-dollar company

Knoxville is in the running for a company that could potentially invest $1 billion and create thousands of new jobs, Knoxville Chamber Chairman Michael Strickland said Thursday.

The chamber is competing “right now for a huge company with huge federal funding that is
Michael+Strickland.jpglooking at us, Virginia and Texas,” Strickland said in remarks at the chamber’s annual meeting at Cafe 4 on Market Square.

Initially the unidentified company could employ 1,000 workers and in five to 10 years the company has the potential for 5,000 to 10,000 workers, Strickland said.

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