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Santa shopping good for railroads

Here’s an interesting take from Bloomberg on how Internet shoppers have given a boost to the
Norfolk_Southern01.JPGrail freight business.

And that includes companies like FedExs and UPS, which are using railroads to ship goods long distances before putting them on trucks.

“Railroad intermodal units, the containers and trailers often used for retail goods that can move by rail, road and sea, rose 4.7 percent in the week ended Dec. 3, the Association of American Railroads said today. That growth rate may increase in coming weeks as shippers such as FedEx Corp. (FDX) and United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) use railroads for delivery of online purchases,” Bloomberg reported.

Bloomberg: Rail Freight Gains as Record Retail Sales Buoy December Rush

Photo: Containers and trailers are transferred between trucks and trains at Norfork Southern Corp. Intermodal Transportation hub. (Norfolk Southern)

Gulf & Ohio adds a South Carolina shortline

The railroad biz must be doing well, despite all the talk of a sluggish recovery. Knoxville-based Gulf & Ohio Railways Inc. is adding to its shortline empire with the acquisition of a South Carolina railroad.

G&O is buying the operating assets  of the L&C Railway, which serves Chester and Lancaster counties.

The deal is expected to close by Nov. 1.

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