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The one that got away when Midway died

Morristown recently landed a potential big deal — Freedom Energy Diesel’s proposed $405 million coal gasification plant that would create an estimated 600 jobs.

Freedom Energy still has a number of hoops to jump through, but the plant would be a major boost for the regional economy if it happens.

It’s good that Morristown stands to benefit, but the project could have come to Knox County.

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Knox Chamber cranks up battle for Midway

The Knoxville Chamber has cranked up a new Web campaign to build support for the controversial Midway Business Park proposal.

Now, when you visit the Chamber’s website, the first page that loads is a green and blue “Support the Midway Business Park” graphic that links to a new website —

Midwayfacts has detailed information about the proposed business park, including why the Chamber supports the project and a chart that compares the amount of industrial property available for development in Knox County and other communities in the region.

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No Midway decision, no surprise

Knox County Commission’s vote to table a Midway Business Park decision wasn’t a surprise. Politicians at every level would much rather let someone else take the heat for a controversial decision.

Sadly, the delay means it will be longer before work starts on the business park. I should say, hopefully starts. When the new, smaller commission takes office in a few months there is no guarantee the park will be approved. Opposition is vocal and well organized.

Here’s hoping the new commission sees fit to approve the park. The regional economy needs the jobs and the tax revenue the park will generate as this year’s county budget troubles show.

Midway Business Park at crossroads

News Sentinel reporter Mike Donila has a great piece in today’s paper on the controversy surrounding the proposed Midway Business Park.

Donila, who recently joined the staff, does a good job of explaining the positions of those for and against the biz park. It’s a good read.

If you’re a regular visitor of this blog, you know where I stand — the park makes sense to me.


Midway Business Park delayed or dead?

If politicians are adept at anything — a big assumption — it’s counting votes before they actually vote on an issue.

Evidence to that point came at the Knox County Commission meeting last month when commissioners tabled a vote on the proposed Midway Business Park.

A story in Metro Pulse says the vote was too close to call and if delayed again in April, the commission won’t face a decision until after the primary.

Chances are pretty good  the commission will wait until after the primary. But will they make the right decision?

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