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Competitive lockpicking — this is sport?

Protecting your business and home from the bad guys is tough enough and now there’s “locksport.”

Competitive+Lockpicking.jpgApparently there’s a competitive movement afoot “that involves learning the theory of locks, analyzing the devices and figuring out ways to quickly defeat the systems without destroying them,” the Associated Press reports.

Sport? Would  that be the summer or winter Olympics?

Sems a bit odd to me.

How long will it be before we see this police report?

“But, Officer, we were just practicing locksport!”

The Open Organization of Lockpickers

Photo: Associated Press/ Josh Reynolds

In this July 2, 2010 photo, competitive lockpicker Schuyler Towne, center, teaches Alex Kalamaroff, right, about a type of lock during a competitive lockpicking class. in Somerville, Mass.