Knoxville No. 2 on the ‘Happiest Workers’ list

Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but Knoxville has some of the happiest Sunset.PE.jpgworkers in the country.

So says CareerBliss, a website “dedicated to helping you find happiness in the workplace and therefore in life.”

Knoxville is No. 2 on the CareerBliss list of the “10 Happiest Cities For Workers.”

The happiest city is Dayton.

At the request of Forbes, CareerBliss asked 36,000 workers across the country to evaluate a variety of factors that affect workplace happiness. Things like growth opportunities, relationships with bosses and co-workers, compensation, company culture and work environment.

Knoxville and Dayton tied with an overall CareerBliss score of 4.02 out of 5.

Third on the happy city list is Honolulu with a score of 4.0. Rounding out the top 5 are Memphis and Pittsburgh.

Topping the “Unhappiest Cities” list are Milwuakee, Wis., Allentown, Penn., and Stockton, Calif.

Knoxville scored best in “The Way You Work” and “The People You Work With” categories at 4.51 and 4.44, respectively.

Lists like this abound and it’s best to consider the rankings with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it’s good to be on the Happy list.

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