Tenn. a top destination state for jobs

FedEx, Volkswagen and Nissan have helped make Tennessee one of the top destination states for jobs, CNBC reports.

012010vwdealers036.jpgTennessee ranks No. 7 with 141,845 people moving here for work during 2009-2010.

“Tennessee was one of only 15 states whose unemployment rate went down in 2009-2010. Of the 141,845 people who came into the state that year, many came from Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, all of whose unemployment rates had increased,” CNBC says.

Tennessee has become a leader in automobile manufacturing and “it’s seen gains in its manufacturing sector, education and health services sector and professional and business services sector,” CNBC says.

The CNBC list comes from a Manhattan Institute study called “The Great California Exodus: A closer look.” The institute’s study includes a list of the top 10 destinations states between 1990 and 2000.

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