Knoxville falls to No. 9 on safe drivers list

Knoxville fell three spots on Allstate Insurance Co.’s 2012 “America’s Best Drivers Report,” but it still cracked the Top Ten.traffic.JPG

The scruffy little city is No. 9, according to the recently released Allstate report, down from No. 6 in 2011.

Knoxville drivers have a car crash every 12.2 years, or 18.1 percent less likely than the national average of a collision every 10 years, according to Allstate.

The report is based on Allstate claims data for the largest cities in the country.

No. 1 on the best drivers list for the fifth time is Sioux Falls, S.D. Drivers there have a wreck every 13.8 years or 27.6 percent less likely than the national average. It’s no surprise that some the nation’s biggest cities have the worst driving records – Philadelphia is No. 190, Washington, D.C. is No. 195 and New York is a relatively modest No. 176.

Knoxville drivers may never reach the lofty safety record of Sioux falls, but they are considerably safer than their counterparts in Tennessee’s other major metro cities.

Chattanooga is a distant second in the state, ranking No. 26 on the AllState list. Next is Clarksville at No. 46, followed by Nashville at No. 51. and. Memphis at No. 75.

A year ago when reporting on the Allstate rankings I mentioned that it made me paranoid because it had been a lot longer than 12 years since I had been involved in a crash, which meant I was overdue for a collision.

Turns out I wasn’t being paranoid. A couple months ago while on my way to work, an inattentive driver smacked me from behind when I stopped at a stop sign. I hate the sound of crunching metal. But at least the other driver had insurance.

Click here for the full Allstate report.