Buffett Rule: Job killer or reasonable policy?

With the Buffett rule up for a Senate vote next week, the PR machine has moved into high gear as interest groups try to build public support for their side.

Depending on who’s talking, the proposed new tax rate for millionaires would be a massive job killer or a reasonable step toward balancing the federal budget.

Among the press releases landing in my inbox today were missives from the International Franchise Association and a group called United for a Fair Economy.

Guess which one supports raising taxes on rich folks.

IFA describes itself as the “world’s oldest and largest organization representing franchising worldwide.” UFE calls itself a “national organization working with grassroots organizers and policy experts to close the economic divide in the U.S.”

Here are a excerpts from the releases:

IFA: “Taxing job creators will seriously impede the ability of franchise businesses to expand their operations and create new jobs, particularly multi-unit franchise operators and the majority of franchise businesses who file their business income on their personal tax return,” said IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira.

UFE: “Those of us at the top have built our success on a foundation of widespread well being and opportunity, made possible through long-term public investments in education, research, and infrastructure,” said Andy Rappaprt, a partner at Menlo Park, Ca venture capital firm August Capital. “People at our income level won’t be dissuaded from work or investment by higher marginal tax rates and less special treatment.”

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