Amazon sales tax delay leaves millions on the table

A two-year delay in requiring Amazon to collect Tennessee sales taxes could move a step PAULSON+MONEY.jpgcloser to reality Tuesday with votes scheduled by state House and Senate committees.
Gov. Bill Haslam is pushing for the delay and supports a federal solution to the sales tax issue. Waiting two years to make Amazon collect taxes on sales to Tennessee residents is a whole lot better than never making the online retailer collect state taxes, which was the original deal brokered by his predecessor, Haslam says .

Maybe so, but waiting till 2014 still leaves a lot of money on the table – something like $22 million a year in state sales taxes and $9 million a year in local sales taxes.

Considering the tight budgets facing state and local governments, is it a good idea to leave that money uncollected?

I don’t think so.

And it’s not fair to the thousands of businesses in the state – large and small – that follow the law and now collect sales taxes.

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