Warren Buffett vs Sen. McConnell — no contest

The war of words between financial wizard Warren Buffett and Sen. Mitch McConnell is heating up. So far, the senator is losing. If McConnell wants to turn it around he needs to resuEconomy+Leaders.jpgrrect the shovel. (I’ll explain in a moment.)

On Wednesday, Buffett offered to match 1-1 any voluntary tax contributions made by Republican members of Congress.

Senate Transition.JPGBuffett singled out Senate Minority Leader McConnell for special treatment, offering a 3-1 match for contributions from the Kentucky Republican.

The Buffett-McConnell debate started in August when Buffett wrote a New York Times op-ed piece saying the rich should pay higher taxes.

McConnell fired back, suggesting that Buffett send the government a check if he felt “guilty” about not paying enough taxes.

On Wednesday all McConnell could come up with was standard GOP schtick, telling Time.com that Washington is too big and taxes should be smaller.

How boring.He should get the shovel.

In the 1970s, McConnell won his first big campaign thanks in part to a TV ad featuring a farmer tossing manure at the camera. In that memorable ad the farmer looked into the camera while shoveling you-know-what and said that McConnell’s opponent should have his job “because in my business, I deal with that kind of stuff every day.”

The local Dems cried negative campaigning, but the ad was effective and funny.

McConnell won’t win his war of words with Buffett, but he should at least try not to be so boring.