Tropical island or political access — which is a better buy?

Scripps Networks Interactive Inc. on Monday answered the question we would all like to struggle Puerto Rico Caribbean Touri.JPGwith – what to do with a billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

Like you, I fantasize give this serious thought all the time.

US Election(2).JPGFor the Knoxville-based lifestyle media company the answer was simple – invest some of its profits in a lobbying government affairs office in Washington, D.C. Nothing like access to powerful politicians to protect corporate interests and shield that billion dollars from the taxman.

The company isn’t ready to say what it wants to chat with lawmakers about, but the ever-changing media biz offers plenty of big issues.

Whatever SNI wants to talk about, opening a government affairs office seems like a good business strategy.

When I get that first billion squirreled away that’s what I’ll do — set up shop in a swanky Washington office building and invite the neighbors in for coffee and donuts. Something within walking distance of the Mall would be nice.

Then again, if my checkbook was really that flush my investments might be more frivolous. Maybe my own tropical island. A private beach close to Johnny Depp’s place in the Bahamas would be nice.

(Full disclosure: Although I own a few shares of SNI stock the company never consults me before making important decisions.)

Photos: Associated Press archives