Haslam offers ray of hope on Amazon tax issue

It looks like Gov. Bill Haslam is ready to make Amazon.com start collecting Tennessee sales taxes

According to a story in the Tennessean, The governor wants “to work out some arrangement that works for them to stay and grow in Tennessee and yet for us to collect the sales tax that we need,” Haslam said. “We would hope to do something prior to the legislature coming back” in January.”

The governor’s comments are good news for Tennessee businesses.

Haslam has previously supported a deal brokered by former Gov. Phil Bredesen that would exempt the online retailer from collecting sales taxes on Tennessee purchases. Allowing any online retailer to not collect sales taxes is unfair to the thousands of bricks-and-mortar businesses — big and small — that do collect taxes

I’ve been critical in the past of the governor’s reluctance to take on Amazon, which has threatened to cancel plans to build distribution centers in Tennessee.

Now it’s time to give Haslam credit for doing the right right thing.

Read the Tennessean story here: Haslam wants Amazon to collect sales taxes